Who are you, anyway?

Just your ordinary netizen. Professionally, I'm have been a Java and C++ software engineer, and today own The NetTech, a network administration business. I also recently started enjoying photography.

Will you represent me?

No. I am not a lawyer and cannot represent anybody. That aside, think about it: do you really want to be represented by somebody you just know through a few pixels? Please do yourself a favor and hire a real and competent attorney! Also note that this FAQ is full of answers such as "it depends" or "possibly" or "maybe" because immigration law can be very specific to your case.

What is your relationship to Do you own it?

No. is an unmoderated Internet newsgroup. As such, it is not owned by anybody. I simply used to post there frequently.

Why do you do it?

It's basically a hobby of mine. You can think of it as my way of giving back to the community, volunteering. I have gone through the process myself and understand the pain and aggravation it can cause. If you are interested, here are the gory details (and if it sounds like gibberish - well, that's what the FAQ and the newsgroup are for!): H-1B since 1993. EB-2 LC filed in California 1994 (predates RIR or PERM), approved 1997, I-140 and AOS processed in CSC and approved in 2000. Used EAD and Advance Parole for travel several times. H-1B visa originally issued at a consulate. Later renewed once at a consulate, and again by mail via Washington D.C. (This procedure is no longer available).
RFE during the LC process: the LC states that you will be working from 9-5. You need to have a lunch break in between!
Sheesh. OK, it's a valid point, but still, don't they have more important things to do? No RFEs during the I-140 or I-485.

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